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College Professor
Nourish to Life by Poplar Christian Health Service
"Godly Counsel and Love that Nourish to Life"
What people are saying...
Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.       ~ Matthew 5:6

"Overcoming Despair and Inspiring Hope"
Sermon delivered by Min. Lolita Poplar
at Ward Chapel AME Church (Memphis, TN)

"Poplar Christian Health Service has helped me in so many
ways. Since coming here, I've witnessed a transformation
that I've never experienced before! God has truly allowed
me to be in the process that leads to healing from things
that I held on to for so long. I thank God for granting me
this opportunity with such beautiful people."

~ Young Professional (TN)
"Poplar Christian Health Service continues to be a blessings to me.  
The center provides a sacred space for me to come and express
freely whatever is on my mind with confidentiality. Counselor Poplar
is a woman of faith who utilizes and implements her professional
counseling skills with a listening and compassionate presence.  
She shows concerns for her clients and I am grateful to have her as
my spiritual counselor."

~ Anonymous Pastor (TN)
"I thank God for Lolita!
When my diabetes was out of
control, she gave me wisdom
that helped me get back on
track. Lolita reminded me that
my body is God's temple that
needs natural and spiritual
nourishment. I know that my
healing came when I yielded
my will to God's will. The Lord
started healing me when I
turned everything over to Him.
Praise Jesus' Holy Name!"

~ M.K. (GA)
"Sis. Lolita's workshop,
'Good bread...Good
meat...Good God...Let's EAT'

was so powerful that our
ministry asked her to do a
repeat performance.  She
blessed us in more ways
than she could imagine!"

~ Nedra, Ministry Leader (LA)
"Wow!  I never learned this
in school.  My patients
need this...I need this!"

~ Medical Doctor (LA)
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